You are someone who dreams big.


So are we.

We Know What Works

Over the dinner table or out with friends you dream about

  • owning a vacation home
  • a family tree farm
  • an art collection
  • or maybe even a sports franchise

The problem is that there seems to be no good place to start making your kitchen-table dream a reality.


Where would you even start?

It seems so lofty that you don’t even consider the dream an investment possibility.   ‘Investments’ are for retirement or getting you out of debt.  Investments can’t be buying a home in the Bahamas, right?   You already have a tight budget or can’t figure out how to get others on board with your big investment.  Most of us would give up and chalk that apartment complex up as a pipe dream.


This moment is why TribeVest was created.


Your dream investment is nearly impossible to reach alone.  But what if you could pool your resources with others?  TribeVest connects and brings together your family, friends, or helps you find a new tribe of your own.  It’s not about matriculating stocks and watching the market fluctuate day after day, worrying about where your hard earned money is going.  TribeVest is collaborative investing made simple.  The platform brings investment to you by providing a dynamic roadmap and network to help you realize your dream investment.


These are your dreams.


You should be in control of them.


The TribeVest Story

TribeVest was born around a kitchen table with a group of brothers who dreamed of owning a vacation home. They wanted a place where their kids would grow, learn, and play together.

They couldn’t quite figure out how to get past the initial conversation that was full of excitement and big dreams.  The next step meant actually saving money, but how?   Capital was sorely needed and they realized they needed to start saving now to be able to buy that vacation home before all their kids grew up and moved out.

Each brother set up monthly contributions of $500 each and before they knew it they had jumped over the biggest hurdle to dream investing- beginning to save and realizing that their dream was actually reachable.  In no time at all, with all their powers combined, they were able to make that dream purchase of a vacation home.

Over the past decade, their tribe has made over a million dollars in investments together- from real estate to private lending to even a top earning race horse.   This was all without putting their money into a potentially volatile stock market. They could rest assured that the money they put in would still be there in the morning.

Travis, one of the brothers, wanted to offer a platform that gave roadmaps for other tribes to achieve their dream investment, just like him and his brothers. He experienced first hand the power of an investment tribe.

They could choose whatever they wanted to invest in (even that racehorse) and could finally break out of the thinking that investment was only for retirement or for people who had a bit more extra cash to spend.

Today, the mission is simple: To leverage the brothers’ experience and education gained over the last 10 years, package best practices, and bring forward the next generation of investors.

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