Reading a blog post by my friend Jay Clouse about how we humans actually learn anything, some things I had realized through my years of investing were reinforced.

There are really only two ways to learn anything in life; by experience or by experiencing.  My wife, Mandy, calls it immersive learning.

The first experience is the knowledge we acquire in the process of doing; trying, failing, learning and succeeding. This is how I learned most things I do today. And it is why I often say that I am a practitioner; I have learned mainly through practice and experience.  In experiencing you go through a process over and over until the lessons are etched on your mind.

The other kind of experience by which we learn is through another person’s experience. There are things that we cannot grasp by instructions alone because they are hard to intellectualize. The core insights we need to learn the lessons are impossible to transmit by any other way, other than experience. In those situations, we cannot learn except we have a guide.

Learning by personal experience is good in situations where you will survive even if you make a mistake. Example: you can allow your toddler to learn how to climb up on the sofa, because if she falls, the risk of serious injury is minimal. However, when you are a city kid trying to scale the ice-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the risks are multiplied a thousand-fold and you need a Sherpa.  Tribes using the TribeVest have referred to the platform and support team as a sherpa as they gain their own experiences of participating in small-group ventures.

We only truly learn anything by experience:

  • Our own experience – intellectualizing, experimenting, experiencing and understanding
  • Other people’s experiences – Safe, accelerated, experienced understanding gained from someone who has been down the path before.

This is why at TribeVest when we speak of financial freedom and self-reliance, it is not only about the wealth- generating assets you acquire, and more about the journey – experiences, insights, and relationships – gained from working together. At the core of our values is the belief that Return on Experience (ROE) is more valuable than the ROI (Return on Investment).

Here is a direct quote from TribeVest’s Brand and Storybook from our beliefs page:

“Experiences are always more valuable than materials. Relationships are more valuable than anything”

The process of forming and funding a tribe is the way to be truly free because through it you acquire something that can never be lost: understanding and enhanced repertoires. In other words, the experience changes you, not just your bank balance. It is easy to mistake the real value of your tribe to be the assets that you will own, when in reality it is the processes that birth those assets.

At TribeVest we hold that the experience of figuring it out together is the real reward; ownership is just a by-product. Therefore, as you go forward in this voyage of asset-building (wealth-building), be challenged to pay premium attention to learning and becoming self-reliant (true wealth and self-worth). Because in forming a tribe and experiencing together, the wealth we really get to earn is a “new wealth mindset.”

So as you talk through your Tribe’s Alignment Report with your prospective tribe member’s, make sure that the everyone aligns on the most important goal of all……   to learn and grow together throughout the journey.

Belay on,


TribeVest, Founder & CEO

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