… but it is like training for one.  

I know this is an overused analogy by all the traditional wealth management firms, but in this blog I’m not talking about running the race or your desired investment. I’m talking about everything leading up to the race.   I always had the preconceived notion that “I can’t run a marathon.” After all, I’d never run more than five miles at one time. Yet I had great respect and admiration for those who had achieved the marathon feat.

My mindset changed when I became a first time spectator of a local marathon.   As I watched these athletes a little closer, I noticed they weren’t all super-athletes. In fact, some of them were tall and overweight like me, others were shorter than most, and some even ran awkwardly. Then I saw one guy running with a huge cross on his back and another group taking turns pulling a dear friend in a cart who was unable to run the race herself. The runners began to look less alien and more like me, with some of the same — if not more — perceived limitations. Clearly they had other life priorities and challenges; maybe other things motivating them than just the race itself.

And that was it. At that moment I decided that if I ever wanted to run a marathon, I could do it. I added a very important word to the belief statement I’d had about myself before witnessing that Columbus marathon. I added the word “yet” — “I can’t run a marathon, yet!” It was empowering to realize that something I didn’t think was possible actually was.  

Up to that point, the farthest I had ever run was a five-mile “Turkey Trot” event at Thanksgiving. And that was a big deal. Remember how before I switched my mindset, I thought 26.2 miles was impossible?

So what did I do? I went to the experts — to a retail running shoe store in my neighborhood called Front Runner. They boast that their staff is “trained and professional, collectively drawing on over 500 years and more than 700,000 miles of running/walking, which includes 600-plus marathons and ultramarathons.”

Wow. In the end, I went to the right place.  

Original Training Schedule

I asked one of the highly-trained Front Runner staff members how a guy like me goes from running five miles to running 26.2. First she said, “You need shoes,” and sold me a solid pair. But that was obvious, and wasn’t a proven plan or pathway toward my goal. What a relief when she handed me a 16-week training card and said, “Do this, and you’ll be fine.”

How could she be so sure that if I followed the schedule I would not only survive, but finish the race?

Of course, holding that card didn’t make the feat of finishing a marathon seem any easier. In fact, when I started adding up all those training miles, I saw that it was going to be even harder than I’d ever imagined. But I felt peace of mind knowing there was a science to the training. Someone else had been there before and figured it out and developed proven best practices. It’s not that I had been afraid of the steps themselves; I’d been afraid of not knowing which steps to take. With that training card, I had a map and could navigate the process with confidence.  

Many of us have preconceived beliefs that we can’t build wealth in our lifetimes through anything other than investing in a primary residence or traditional stock market products through our 401(K)s. Many of us also believe that investing in things that “only the wealthy own” — like  real estate or private business — isn’t possible for “someone who looks like me.” Just like I had looked at my 6’4”, 240-lb. self years ago and initially thought, “I can’t run a marathon.

But, what if there was a “store” down the street that had a map and pathways to wealth building with investment types you’ve never thought possible? Like the running shoe store and its experts who had their own type of map and pathway to success in that arena?

That’s what we’ve built at TribeVest. We’ve built a platform with tools, maps and pathways for you and your tribe to save for your own Dream Investments. Just like I relied on an expert staff who’d collectively run 700,000 miles in 600-plus races for guidance that gave me confidence that I could run a marathon, too, I invite you to rely on the ten-year journey I’ve traveled to make TribeVest the first platform of its kind to help people invest together.

With TribeVest, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that there’s a science to this tribe investing. We’ve been here before and figured it out and developed proven best practices. You don’t need to be afraid of not knowing which steps to take, because we’ve already taken them for you and seen the same success that we wish for you.

Then when you make that first investment with your own tribe, you’ll feel like I did when I crossed that marathon finish line for the first time. Amazing. Indeed, it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced!  

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