TribeVest simplifies group investing

Phase 1- Form your Group

Phase 2- Auto-Save Together

Phase 3- Reach Your Collective Goal

Phase 1: Align your Group

TribeAlign Survey Ensure that everyone in your tribe enters with aligns with the same expectations. TribeVest acts as a trusted third party negotiator making all survey responses confidential so you can truly determine if your group is ready to commit. With everyone focused on the same goal, reach your investment faster.

Connect your Tribe Already have a Tribe? TribeVest allows you to easily invite your mates, propose a tribe, and help you finally organize everyone into one spot and one goal. Need a Tribe? Network within the platform join an already existing Tribe or build your own.

Determine the rules of the game Once aligned TribeVest will help you author a Tribe-specific “rules of the game”.  A potentially daunting process is made easy through the platform in order to protect you, your assets, and your Tribe.

Phase 2: Auto Save Together

Save Money O​​​​​​​​​​​​pen your FDIC insured bank account and start auto-saving with ACH manageable monthly contributions. From $5 to beyond, begin accruing capital for your dream investment.
Save Knowledge Finally, everything you need to know in one spot. Utilize the community to help answer your questions. Gain access to TribeVest’s content and knowledge base on investing. You are not alone on your journey.
Dream Investment Calculator  Determine what what it will take to reach your goal by calculating based on Tribe members, monthly deposits, and time constraints. 

Phase 3: Reach your Collective Goal

TribeView Dashboard Your one-stop shop for everything. Easily communicate with all your Tribe members, watch your progress, track opportunities and investments, and gain insights into your savings.
Investment Portal Did you see an apartment building up for sale or a vacation house on a beach? Bring your own opportunities to your Tribe or find opportunities within the platform. Collaborate with other Tribes to reach larger goals.
Manage your micro-business With the anonymous voting system, TribeVest is your non-biased third-party to help make potentially difficult conversations and decisions easy. Easily manage your micro-business with full transparency.

Because we at TribeVest encourage tribes to operate with full transparency, we do too.  We work really hard to make sure there are as few roadblocks as possible for you to save up for your dream investment.

$5 per month to form a Tribe and gain access to your custom TribeView Dashboard.

  It’s that simple.   No hidden fees. At TribeVest the majority of our revenue comes from our affiliates and partners. What does this mean? This means the cost for you as a TribeVest member stays low and predictable.

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