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Fund and achieve shared dreams the right way.

How It Works




TribeVest will guide you through the process of turning your dream into a shared reality.

  • Use "Vision Caster" to build a vision
  • Invite your tribe members
  • Organize communication and align your priorities
  • Fund



    Once you have your Tribe in place, TribeVest will help you set your dream in motion.

  • Determine the time and amount it will take to reach your goal
  • Use TribeVest's "Rules of Savings" to agree upon monthly contributions, and time horizons.
  • Automate savings with an FDIC insured individual savings account
  • Communicate and watch your savings grow as a  tribe with your TribeVest dashboard
  • Reach



    When it's time to make your Tribe's dream come true, TribeVest makes decision making easy.

  • Bring and agree on opportunities as a Tribe
  • Consolidate your funds and form your Tribe's LLC
  • Leverage TribeVest partners


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    From Pre-School Parents to Multi-Family Investors

    ”My friends always talked about investing together. We reached a point in our lives where we had a couple extra bucks and TribeVest was a good vehicle to use. It was the easiest way to get us all together and organized.”

    – Old Dawgs Tribe



    Our Team is committed to bring people with shared dreams together to help them unify their vision and pool their resources.


    Celebrating is at the core of who we are!

    Tribe Name:

    Latitude 45

    These buddies bought a racehorse investment together… and won big!

    Tribe Name:

    Camelot Tribe

    This group of friends saved up for the trip of a lifetime…Africa!

    Tribe Name:

    Old Dawgs

    15 friends went from poker parties and football to full on small investment group!

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