Small-Group Investing Simplified

for a family vacation home

for a promising startup

for a rental property down the street

for the trip of a lifetime

for owning a piece of a local brewery

We’ve been given the idea that certain financial goals out of reach.

  • owning rental property 
  • purchasing in a vacation home on the beach
  • investing in a local business
  • realize a trip-of-a-lifetime to Spain

But these goals aren’t impossible.   At TribeVest, we believe the practice of forming and funding a small-investment-group is an untapped means of achieving more.

Form your Group

You’re on this journey together. Align your tribe, set up an LLC, and stay connected. TribeVest handles the logistical side and takes the ambiguity out of the process. Now you focus on the strategic, and more fun, side of investing.

Save Together

Alone a dream may seem unreachable, but through collaboration you can multiply your savings power through manageable monthly contributions. Whether you already have a tribe or are looking to build one, TribeVest makes sure everyone is saving for the same goal.

Invest Together

Choose your own pathway using TribeVest’s dynamic roadmap. Connect with opportunities or other tribes to make the investment happen. Manage your investment tribe with full transparency and invest in your goal, big or small!

“TribeVest was a galvanizing force- it solved the problem of ‘how do I get my friends together.’ We can all do it through this platform.”


“This is just an easy way to set up a business and get things going. Everyone talks about it but no one really wants to put it together. TribeVest really just laid it out.”


“We can all invest but let's think out of the box that we wouldn't be able to do as individuals. We all know each other but TribeVest keeps us stronger. It’s not about the money but more about riding this journey together."

How this works

Form your tribe

Bring and build your own group or utilize TribeVest’s network. Your group will take the TribeAlign survey to make sure you all have the same goals, determine the ‘rules of the game’, and easily form an LLC through the platform.

Save Together

Jump the biggest hurdle to investing: actually starting to save for your dream investment. Set it and forget it with a manageable monthly contribution, from $50 to $500 to $5,000. Whatever you can do, start doing it.

Reach your collective goal

Manage your Tribe and savings with complete transparency. TribeVest has an anonymous voting system and dashboard to keep your tribe on the same path and help the group make decisions more efficiently. The platform will help connect you with deals and opportunities.

Grow your Knowledge

Gather around the campfire to learn what’s new from TribeVest and discover new investment possibilities from other tribes

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